Etching off Charles Dickens in his study
Investment insights

Market commentary: Q2 2017

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” – Charles Dickens, author. The opening lines of Dickens’ work of historical fiction, A Tale of Two Cities,…

Investment insights

The Asia crisis 20 years on

It was a crash few people saw coming. Twenty years on from the Asia crisis, are there any lessons to be learned? For nearly three decades from the late ‘60s,…

Bonfire lit at night
Investment insights

Time for a red tape bonfire?

In 2002, then US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld famously described “known unknowns” – things that we know we don’t know. Over the last twelve months, Brexit has been the great…

European map separating the UK and EU
Investment insights

Brexit one year on

A year on from the decision to leave the EU and we are still only beginning to work out what that actually means. It is unlikely to be pleasant, so…

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