Investment solutions

At James Hambro & Partners we aim to support you in meeting the investment needs of your full spectrum of clients.

Our adviser offering includes four core elements – the JH&P Bespoke Portfolio, the JH&P Platform Managed Portfolio Service, the JH&P Portfolio Population Service and the JH&P range of OEIC solutions.

JH&P Bespoke Portfolio benefits

  • Discretionary portfolios built around each client’s personal requirements
  • Full client suitability carried out and portfolios risk profiled to ensure we meet your clients’ individual needs
  • Full bespoke reporting – online access
  • Diversified portfolio including access to direct equity in the UK and overseas
  • Direct access to individual portfolio manager and team (for you and also your client if desired)
  • We have full custody of assets, so can act swiftly on behalf of clients

The JH&P Platform Managed Portfolio Service benefits

  • Segregated, discretionary service enabling the JH&P approach to be made available to a wider client base, offered through the Standard Life Investment Hub
  • Adviser partners retain direct access to the investment management teams

The JH&P Portfolio Population Service benefits

  • Designed to help those advisers who use third-party risk profiling and strategic asset allocation services
  • Enables you to access our expertise in portfolio construction and stock selection – we populate portfolios to match your risk and asset allocation requirements

The JH&P OEIC Solutions benefits

  • Unitised version of the Managed Portfolio Service delivering full access to the JH&P direct equity approach and the benefits of a wrapped solution. Our OEICs are cost capped to keep them competitive

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