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Complaints Procedure

James Hambro & Partners LLP Complaints Handling Procedure

The Financial Conduct Authority has strict rules and guidance on how firms should handle, record and report all complaints from clients, their representatives or former clients about the service it has rendered.

Complaints to James Hambro & Partners LLP or James Hambro & Company Ltd can be made by writing to or telephoning your usual contact or writing to:

The Compliance Department
James Hambro & Partners LLP
45 Pall Mall


Our Complaints Procedure

Upon receipt of any complaint, an initial assessment will be conducted. This will determine whether the complaint is regarding our firms’ actions and if this can be resolved quickly. Notwithstanding that we aim to resolve complaints at the earliest opportunity, and must adhere to the following timescales:

After establishing the facts of the complaint and conducting an initial review of the issues raised, Compliance will decide whether or not the complaint can be resolved within three business days of receipt of the complaint. If the complaint can be resolved within this period, we will send a written acknowledgement to the complainant confirming that their complaint has been resolved, along with a ‘summary resolution communication’ informing the complainant of the right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, should the complainant subsequently feel dissatisfied with the resolution of the complaint.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within this timeframe, an acknowledgement letter (initial holding response) will be sent to the client promptly but within three business days.

The written acknowledgement letter will confirm that the Compliance department are investigating the complaint. A copy of this document will be enclosed.

The appropriate investigation will be conducted. In most cases this will include requesting details from the complainant of their recollection of the events that took place, requesting a similar report from the Advisor or Portfolio Manager or relevant staff members involved, a review of the documentation and evidence contained in the client file, and an evaluation of the findings. A decision will then be reached.

We will keep the complainant informed of the progress with the investigation into the complaint. If we are not able to provide a final response within four weeks, we will provide a holding letter, with an indication of when the complaint will be resolved. We then provide additional holding letter providing an update of the status of the investigation, at four week intervals until the complaint is resolved.

The final response letter will include a summary of the complaint details, the investigations conducted, the findings and the results. It will outline whether the complaint is accepted, any offer of redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint, or reject the complaint and gives reasons for doing so.

Within eight weeks of receipt of the complaint, or when the final response letter is sent (whichever is earliest) the firm must outline to the complainant the availability of taking the matter further with the Financial Ombudsman Service, if they remain dissatisfied. The complainant will be advised that this must be done within six months of the final response letter, and they will be provided with an explanatory leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If further delay occurs beyond eight weeks in resolving the complaint, the complainant will be advised, at the end of eight weeks, the reason for the continuing delay, indicating when a final response will be provided.

To ensure that we have all the necessary information to help investigate and resolve the complaint, we may wish to contact the complainant at any stage of our investigation for more information.

Detailed records of complaints received, which are the responsibility of this firm and any complaints referred to other firms, will be maintained by Compliance in the Complaints Log. For those complaints which are the responsibility of this firm, evidence of the investigation conducted will be maintained, together with the findings, results, conclusion and any offer of redress. Individual complaint files will also be created and retained.

In cases where it is established that the complaint made is not the responsibility of this firm, we will refer the complaint to the firm who was responsible for the subject matter of the complaint within five business days of identification. We will inform the client that the complaint is not our responsibility in a final response letter to them, and that we have referred their complaint to the other firm. We will provide contact details for the other firm involved.

Where a matter alleged in a complaint is the responsibility of our firm and another firm jointly, we will provide acknowledgement of the complaint. The complainant will be notified that all or part of the complaint has been forwarded on to the relevant respondent and explain why this has been forwarded. The respondents contact details will also be provided.

We will investigate our portion of the complaint, where relevant, in accordance with our complaints procedure.

For complaints which are referred to us from another firm, we will deal with the complaint in the usual way, and provide the acknowledgement letter to the Complainant as outlined above, with a copy forwarded to the firm who referred the complaint. The investigation and conclusion will then proceed as normal.