The value of your investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount you invested.

Investment management for international clients

How do you know that your investments will provide dependable growth for generations to come?

Our Offering
Wealth investment from overseas has its complications but it’s a challenge we understand and are here to guide you through.

Most of the issues that arise when using a firm in a different part of the world are to do with your intentions getting lost or misunderstood due to a ‘remote’ relationship with those managing your investments.

However, at JH&P every international client is given a dedicated international specialist that is their direct point of contact for their portfolio.

And whether you’re a UK expat, non-resident living in the UK, a US resident or offshore, a key responsibility of this person is to foster a close working relationship with you, your family and your advisers.

In fact, we measure our team’s performance internally based on your satisfaction with our service. This provides every member of JH&P with extra motivation to ensure your portfolio is continually tailored to your requirements. We will also communicate regularly with your other professional advisers, be they lawyers or accountants, to ensure your investments always align with your wider plans.

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With JH&P You’ll Get:

  • A truly personal service – you will be in direct contact with your very own portfolio manager – no intermediaries, we will be there directly for you.
  • A rich history of strong investment performance internationally, with peer-benchmarked results and a healthy balance of conviction and diversification.
  • JH&P is owned by our partners and staff – this means we all pull together to go above and beyond to pursue the best results for you.
  • The benefit of expertise – a deep understanding of the long-term competitive advantage of the companies we invest in helps us generate sustainable returns. We only invest in liquid assets we believe in, plain and simple.
  • While we can’t give tax advice, we do have a deep understanding of tax implications and partner with an international accountancy team to help us with training and tax updates.
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Your success
starts with our people

Ultimately, this is a talent-focused business. Because the only way we can offer our clients the best service is by attracting the best people. People who want to collaborate in service of bettering client needs, people who know that the ‘extra mile’ isn’t extra, people who are only ever focused on growing and sustaining your wealth for the long term.