Why we are different

Our investment track record is an obvious starting point when it comes to identifying what makes us stand out, but we believe you will also notice many other differences.

  • You come first. We take the long view, believing the only way to achieve success sustainably is by putting our clients’ needs at the centre of everything we do.
  • You are given direct access to your investment team and we ensure they have the time to meet your needs.
  • You can understand where your money is invested. We keep portfolios simple, avoiding complex instruments that are difficult to understand and have hidden risks.
  • We are also distinctive in using a significant proportion of direct equity holdings, which has helped drive our strong performance and can reduce costs.
  • We use plain English and do not try to impress you with technical jargon.
  • We value time spent face to face – you are always welcome in our office.
  • We believe in succession planning – not just for you but for us. By constantly adding new talent to our teams, we aim to ensure client relationships will last for generations.


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