The value of your investments and the income received from them can fall as well as rise. You may not get back the amount you invested.



A short summary or overview explaining the general focus of a book, article, or other source. A time saving strategy is to read the abstract to check the source’s relevancy to your project.


An evaluation criteria to determine the reliability, truthfulness and correctness of the content.

Annotated Bibliography

A list of sources, formatted in a specific style that includes a description or evaluation for each item.


A list of sources that stands alone or is found at the end of a paper, article, chapter, or book. It provides information about the sources so another person can find and use the source.
In Chicago Style, the title used for the bibliography and a way to refer to the list of sources in the bibliography.

Call Number

A unique identifier (like a street address) given to library items so they can be easily found. Items about the same subject often have similar call numbers. Major call number systems include Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress.


A type of database, searchable online, used by libraries that includes information about the items they own or subscribe to. Each item’s record in the catalog provides information like title, author, call number, and floor location.