Mental health

As a signatory to Time to Change, we recognise that caring for mental health is as important as looking after our physical wellbeing.

James Hambro & Partners is committed to supporting staff facing mental health difficulties and to playing our part in ending the taboos that still stifle mental health discussion. Our aim is to build a business where no one feels they have to hide and where everyone feels they can be open about mental health issues.

According to Time to Change, one in four people experiences a mental health problem each year. Trying to hide it through shame can exacerbate the issues being faced.


We provide regular training for our leadership and senior management so that they are equipped with the ability to recognise when individuals have a problem and to respond appropriately. We ensure resources are available to guide staff towards help, whenever they ask for it.

Though we encourage staff to talk about mental health problems, we also offer access to a professional helpline through which they can be referred to a counsellor for free support and without disclosure to their manager.

We are working hard to create an open, caring and safe environment where staff can share their personal stories without fear of being stigmatised so that our people grow personally as well as professionally and fulfil their potential.

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