Investment approach

Our first task is to listen carefully to your unique requirements and goals. We then respond with specific proposals tailored to your needs.

The protection of wealth and assets in real terms is the defining test of our success. Historically, equities have best achieved this objective over the long term. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, they remain our favoured asset class and one in which we have particular expertise.

  • Diversified global equities form the core of our portfolios.
  • We place the highest reliance on the principles of fair value and on the quality of a select number of companies, their managements and their staying power.
  • We are distinctive in building portfolios with a significant proportion of direct equity holdings, which can help reduce costs.
  • Where possible we meet the management teams of companies in which we invest.
  • Other asset classes, including bonds, alternatives and cash, can provide income and reduce risk and volatility. There are periods, often prolonged, when market conditions dictate a greater consideration of these in client portfolios.
  • We adopt a totally open approach to portfolio construction and aim to give you access to any investment opportunity that can protect and enhance returns – provided it satisfies our rigorous criteria for liquidity and underlying value and meets your objectives and risk profile.
  • We apply the same philosophy to the selection of investment funds (whatever the asset class) as we do to individual companies. We stress the importance of meeting senior managers face to face and monitor performance closely.
  • We agree realistic and representative benchmarks with you to monitor performance and to provide an objective measure of our success in achieving your goals.

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