Why choose James Hambro & Partners?

Many charities face a growing challenge in finding the right partner to manage their investment portfolios, often citing limited access to those accountable for performance, poor administration, lack of transparency and pooled funds replacing tailor-made portfolios.

At James Hambro & Partners, our service has been designed to directly address and remedy these key issues:

  • Accessibility: You will have a dedicated portfolio manager, supported by a highly competent team, all of whom know you and can take your calls or meet you when you need them.
  • Administration: In-house client administrators work closely alongside the portfolio management team to deliver outstanding personal service and reporting.
  • Transparency: Valuations and portfolio holdings are available online. We are founding contributors to the Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) Charity Indices – allowing independent peer group comparison of performance.
  • Simplicity: We keep portfolios simple, avoiding complex instruments with hidden risks. We are distinctive in using a significant proportion of direct equity holdings, which has helped drive our strong performance and reduce costs.
  • Flexibility: We believe that the investment process should start and end with your unique objectives. We listen carefully to understand your needs and build a genuinely bespoke portfolio to address them.

We have the resource and expertise to meet your ethical policy requirements. Click here to learn more.

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